Enjoy your Home8 Next-Generation Plug-and-Play Security, Safety & In-Home Care Systems

Customize your system by adding easily smart devices to your needs

All new systems purchased include a FREE One-year trial period of Premium Service

After one year, you will be downgraded to FREE Standard Service Plan (unless you opt in for our Premium Plan)



After the FREE one-year trial period of Premium Service, customers willing to maintain this Premium Service can

upgrade the FREE Standard Service to Premium Service for a NZ $12.99/month or NZ $129.90/year (2 months free)


Unique Premium Service Plan

"Group Notifications"

ensures that all parties involved in an emergency – seniors, caregivers, emergency contacts, and

medical personnel, with supervisory video access and privacy control – are immediately notified in

an event for prompt attention and prioritized response


One system owner


Five authorized users (or family members)

all being alerted at once


Five emergency contacts

all being alerted within 5 minutes if authorized users do not respond


home8care systems offer connected collaborative communication technology that is far superior to

those costly legacy call center’s operator calling service.

Patented collaborative notification App, event-video alarm service, supervisory control, secured video

privacy, plug-n-play system set-up, and real-time user-add-drop are just a few among many service

features that differentiate home8care systems from the rest of the marketplace.


Bonus Outdoor Care24 GPS App

Care24 GPS turns your loved one's mobile phone into

a fall detector

a panic button

a GPS tracker


Whenever the app detects a fall, or your loved one triggers the virtual panic button within the App, you will immediately receive an alert on your mobile phone. With the built-in GPS location finder, you will know their location and be able to help instantly!