Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Activation of System

Q: What are the requirements prior to purchasing one of your systems?

A: i) Do you have a broadband connection from your Internet provider?
This could be a DSL or cable internet provider. There is no support of dial up services.

ii) Do you have a working Wi-Fi router in your home with an available LAN port?
The router allows the distribution of the broadband signal to other devices in your home. It supports both physical connection and wireless to these devices. Our system will require a physical connection to one of the available LAN ports on the router.

iii) Do you have a working smartphone with data plan?
Your smartphone will be needed to install and access our security control app, and for support of SMS messaging, streaming video, and email.

iv) Do you have power outlets located where you are placing the cameras and Shuttle?
This, primarily, eases the installation by having these devices near AC outlets. In addition, it would be ideal to have the Shuttle also near your home router, since there is a required physical connection to a LAN port.
Please follow the step by step instructions of our installation guide and you should have no problems with our security system coming on-line successfully.

Q: After installing my system, why are there sensors listed that I don't have or never installed?

A: This is normal. Your system comes preconfigured with all the devices activated. You will notice that the sensors without batteries installed do not have a last updated timestamp under them like the installed sensors. You can go to the “Sidebar Menu” of your app, tap on “Device Management”, then select the sensor and “Remove” it.

User Account and Credential Security Management

Q: How can I be certain other people are not stealing my identity on the cloud?

A: The first level of security is authentication and your password is encrypted when you sign in to your account. At the next level where all data is transmitted, including videos, images, as well as account information, bank-level AES data encryption is used.

Q: How do I retrieve my Home8 Mobile App password?

A: Go to the sign in page of your Home8 app
Tap “Forgot password?”
You will be prompted to provide the Account Number (phone number)
Tap “Submit”
The following message will appear, “Request submitted. An email with a new password will be sent to you shortly”. A new password will be emailed to the email address that is associated with your account.
You can then change the randomly generated password by:
From the home screen, tap the “Sidebar Menu” icon
Tap “My Profile”
Tap “Change Password”. Enter the randomly generated password, type in the new password, retype new password
Tap “√” (Save)

Q: If I lose my smartphone, what should I do?

A: We suggest you change your password, either on another smartphone with our app installed or at on a web browser. You would need to sign in to your account and change your password. You can also contact us to disable your account.

Device Management

Q: How to add other Home8 devices to my existing system?

A: Not difficult at all. Follow the step by step instructions below:
First sign in to your mobile app,
a) To add a Shuttle (OPU)
From the home screen, tap the “Sidebar Menu” icon
Tap “Device Management”
Tap “Add” in the upper right corner and choose “New OPU”
Follow the instructions on the application

b) To add a camera
From the home screen, tap the “Sidebar Menu” icon
Tap “Device Management”
Tap “Add” in the upper right corner and choose “IP Camera”
Follow the instructions on the application

c) To add a sensor
From the home screen, tap the “Sidebar Menu” icon
Tap “Device Management”
Tap “Add” in the upper right corner and choose “Sensor”
Follow the instructions on the application

Q: Can I save the video on the flash drive to my PC?

A: Yes! If there is something you would like to keep longer than 7 days you can copy the video to your PC.

Q: What do I do if the power cable is too short for my Shuttle, mini-cube HD camera, and twist HD camera?

A: Any “Micro-USB male to USB-A male cable” will be compatible with the devices. The cable is also known as a “Micro-USB charging cable”. You can choose cables of 10ft to 15ft. If the required length is longer than 15ft, it is recommended that a 110V extension cord be used and extended from the wall outlet.

Q: How do I properly adjust the camera’s motion detection sensitivity?

A: Out the box, the camera’s motion detection feature is turned off by default. From the Home Screen of the App, go into Device Management and tap on the camera in Camera List. Then tap on Motion Detection. You will notice that it is set to 0%, which is OFF. Setting it to 100% is too sensitive and will trigger many false alarms. You can test this by ensuring nothing is moving in the room and then arming the system and then waiting a little while. If you are sure nothing is moving in the room and an event gets triggered due to motion being detected by the camera, the sensitivity is too high. Lower the sensitivity and test again. Once you get no more false alarms, do a test by acting like an intruder to see if an event gets triggered. You may find that you need to increase the sensitivity as it might be not sensitive enough. You will need to test and find the correct sensitivity value for the environment. Please note that each event requires a 30 second cool-down before another event can be triggered.

Q: Why is the motion sensor not working?

A: When you first install the battery, the device initializes “Test Mode” that will last one hour. After that, the device enters into “Power Save Mode.”

While in Power Save Mode, when a motion is detected, the red LED light blinks and the device switches into a 3 minute countdown period. During the countdown period, if the device continues to detect motions, the red LED light will not blink and it will reset the countdown period. After the 3 minute countdown period, the system will perform normally.

This mode allows the Home8 Motion Sensor to achieve over 5 years of normal battery life compared to the leading competitor’s 6 months.

To test if the motion sensor is working:

Step out of view of the device
Arm the system
Wait at least 3 minutes
After 3 minutes, allow the device to detect motion
Verify if the red LED blinks and the alarm triggers
For more information, please click here

Q: How many locations can I have?

A: You can have as many locations as you would like. We do not place a limit on the number of Shuttle you can own.

Q: The app is telling me to reset the device, how do I do it?

A: Smart Plug

Plug the camera into an AC outlet, wait for 2 minutes

Press and hold the manual power button for approximately 20 seconds, until the power light toggles

Let go, wait 2 minutes

Add the device


Wi-Fi Camera

Plug the camera into an AC outlet, wait for 2 minutes
Press and hold the reset tab in the back of the camera for approximately 5 seconds, until the power light goes off
Let go, wait 2 minutes
Add the device

Min Cube HD Camera

Plug the camera into an AC outlet, wait for 2 minutes
Insert a paperclip into the reset hole for approximately 5 seconds; hold it until the camera beeps
Let go, wait 2 minutes
Add the device

Twist HD Camera

Plug the camera into an AC outlet, wait for 2 minutes
Remove the top cover and locate the reset hole near the micro SD card slot
Insert a paperclip into the reset hole for approximately 3 seconds; hold it until the camera beeps
Let go, wait 2 minutes
Add the device

OutdoorHD Camera

Remove the AC power
Remove the cover with the provided tool to expose the reset button
Press and hold the reset button while you plug in the AC power
Continue to hold for 5 seconds
Let go, wait 2 minutes
Add the device


Q: Do I need a telephone line in order to use the Home8 system?

A: No. The Home8 system requires a broadband connection usually via a connection to your home router. The security from your router plus the security from the Home8 system provide greater security than ever before.

Q: What can I do if my sensors/devices are out of range of Wi-Fi signal?

A: Your Wi-Fi signal strength depends on environmental factors such as walls, metal, radio interference and more. Rearranging the placement of your gateway may give a stronger signal to your devices. You can also purchase our “Wi-Fi Range Extender” to extend the range of devices connected to your Home8 gateway.

Q: What can I do if a camera is offline?

A: First unplug and plug the camera back in. If the camera is still offline after 2 minutes, plug in the camera closer to the Shuttle and wait 2 minutes. If it still does not come back online, Home8 Technical support would be happy to provide further assistance.

Q: What can I do if my system is offline?

A: Verify the Shuttle is connected to your router. If all looks okay, unplug the Shuttle for 10 seconds, then plug it in again. If the Shuttle does not come back online within 3 minutes, Home8 technical support would be happy to provide further assistance.

Q: Why is there static on my land line telephone after installing my system?

A: If you have DSL shared with a land line, unplug the router for 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

Q: Does home8 system still function in the internet outage?

A: In the event of internet outage, Home8 system will still function locally: As an intruder triggers a sensor, the siren will activate as an intruder deterrent, and video clips will be recorded. Users will receive the video notification once the internet is restored.

System and Service Security

Q: How are events handled by the security system?

A: Our security system is designed so that there is no delay from the sensors being triggered and the siren going off. Upon the sensors being triggered, both the Owner and the Authorized Users will receive push-notifications on their smartphones. The Owner will also receive an email with 1 attached snapshot taken by each camera. Each camera records a 30 second video-gram recording of the event, viewable by the Owner and Authorized Users. The video-grams are listed in the details for the event. Upon verification of the event, both Owner and Authorized Users can disarm the system to cancel the siren. If there is no response to the event, each Emergency Contact will receive 1 text message alert 5 minutes after event being triggered.

Q: How can I be sure unauthorized people are unable to look at my videos on the cloud?

A: With your privacy in mind, we store your videos locally. Video-grams are stored inside each Shuttle’s internal storage, or optionally can store to camera SD card. Ad-hoc recordings are stored on your smart device.

Alarm Notification Management

Q: I do not hear audio notifications on my smart device, what can be the problem?

A: Verify notifications are turned on in the Home8 mobile app.
From the home screen, tap the “Sidebar Menu” icon
Tap “Notifications”
Ensure “Push Notification” is “ON”. Ensure “Audio alerts on mobile” is “ON”.
Then check the smartphone volume control, including the mute button.
On Android devices, verify the sound status in settings, sound, volumes, Music, video, games, and other media.
Turning on app notification with Android devices: Settings, Application Manager, Home8, tap check show notifications box.
On iOS devices, verify the sound status in settings, sounds, Ringer and Alerts.
Turning on app notification with iOS devices: Settings, Notification Center, Home8, alert style not set to none, Sounds = “On”, Show in Notification Center = “On”, Show in Lock Screen = “On”

Q: Does the Home8 smartphone app siren sound different from other phone alerts?

A: Yes, the Home8 app siren sounds different than other types of audible smartphone notification alerts so that you will be able to distinctly tell if any alarms have been triggered at home. There are 3 available app sirens that you can choose from within the Home8 app.

Q: Does the Home8 siren alarm sound immediately upon the motion sensor being triggered?
Can we customize the siren delay settings?


A: The Home8 siren delay settings can be configured to your preferred settings. Instead of being limited to just a fixed siren delay time frame, with the Home8 systems you have the luxury of choosing between Immediate, 15 seconds delay, 30 seconds delay, or No Siren at all.


Q: Will my homeowners insurance company give me a discount for using Home8's security system?

A: Almost every homeowners insurance provider offers some level of discount for self monitored security devices for burglars and fire. Check with your specific provider to determine the amount of your discount.

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